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Patient Rights

Doctors Protect Their Own Interests

Who’s Looking Out For You?

After emerging from a medical malpractice nightmare, L. Bradley Schwartz began his lifelong mission to hold medical professionals accountable when they neglect the rights of innocent patients.  Mr. Schwartz was ignored by emergency room staff when he arrived at the hospital with a headache. He left the hospital six months later with no limbs - a victim of poor communication, inattention and physician dishonesty. Having experienced hospital neglect first hand, Mr. Schwartz is a steadfast defender of the rights of all patients to receive prompt and appropriate medical care.  Hospitals protect themselves at the expense of patient rights and L. Bradley Schwartz is determined to change that.


Right To Know Your Doctor’s Experience

Physician Competency And Unnecessary Risk Taking

Attorney L. Bradley Schwartz is a litigation attorney and patient rights leader who personally experienced what happens when doctors attempt to practice in specialized areas of medicine without adequate training, experience, supervision or consultation.   Patients have the right to know their physician’s actual experience and training before the doctor performs a procedure or treats a complicated medical condition. For example, hospitals invest millions in advanced technologies like minimally invasive daVinci surgical robots.  Not every surgeon, however, receives the training they need to use new technology.  In these scenarios, patients have the absolute right to ask and doctors are absolutely required to disclose specific details about their experience and training, including what actions will be taken to minimize risk.


The Right To Make Decisions

It’s Always The Patient’s Choice

The only reason L. Bradley Schwartz is alive today is because he demanded an ambulance to transfer him from one hospital intensive care unit to another hospital with more resources. L. Bradley Schwartz is adamant that hospitals and medical facilities must adhere to a patient’s right to decide exactly where, when and how to receive care. If a patient does not like a facility, the patient can decide whether to leave or stay. If a doctor is ignoring the patient, the patient has the right to find another doctor. It’s understandable that patients feel constrained by logistical inconvenience and health insurance restrictions. But when tough decisions are on the line and questions arise about a patient’s right to decide, Mr. Schwartz is ready to help provide answers to some very important questions.

Right To Effective Communication

Make Sure Your Symptoms Are Understood

L. Bradley Schwartz was misdiagnosed by emergency room doctors who did not listen to his complaints until it was almost too late to save his life. Nursing triage notes suggested Mr. Schwartz had nothing more than a headache and the electronic medical chart provided incoming nurses with a misleading medical history. The new rotation of ER staff learned from the chart that Attorney Schwartz was “the guy in room B with a headache.”  That initial chart note followed Mr. Schwartz throughout his entire hospital stay. Six months and 24 surgeries later, the medical record still said, “Diagnosis: Headache.” Patients must be allowed to ensure that medical professionals know their exact symptoms. Especially In emergency scenarios - patients cannot afford to sit back and wait.


Right To Have Someone Communicate For You

The Role And Function Of Patient Advocacy

Patients not only have the right to speak for themselves. They also have the absolute right to appoint another person to speak and advocate for them. For many years L. Bradley Schwartz considered whether his personal medical malpractice tragedy could have been avoided if he had someone with him in the emergency room with the ability to advocate for attentive medical care. Patients and families who confront unexpected medical trauma or illness are not always capable of communicating with their own doctors and nurses. Language barriers, religious beliefs and even a shy or quiet demeanor are all reasons for patients to consider a professional with the experience and credentials to help patients fight for appropriate medical care.  L. Bradley Schwartz is a medical malpractice survivor and multiple amputee who learned the hard way that having a friend or relative with you at the hospital isn’t always enough. 

Attorney Schwartz is the president and founder of Greater National Advocates – a patient advocacy organization designed to improve patient care, enforce patient rights and give patients a voice when they need help advocating for themselves.