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Perspective You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Insight From a Multiple Amputee Attorney 

L. Bradley Schwartz is an award-winning trial attorney with a lifelong commitment to guiding amputees through the legal, physical, emotional and practical challenges faced by recovering limb loss survivors. Attorney Schwartz provides personalized legal support to amputees while partnering and connecting clients and potential clients with respected advocacy organizations, amputee support groups and attorneys offering a range of case-specific services.

Amputee Resources Beyond Litigation

Connections And Support Services For Life

L. Bradley Schwartz is a compassionate and engaging attorney with compelling perspective and an arsenal of personal resources to help guide limb loss victims through every phase of the litigation, rehabilitation and recovery process.  It’s important for amputees to connect with individuals and organizations - including attorneys - who understand that success and prosperity following limb loss usually encompasses more than a monetary settlement. L. Bradley Schwartz has an extensive network of resources available to help improve lives of amputees.   His affiliations with local, regional and national advocacy and support organizations makes Attorney Schwartz one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful amputation lawyers in Chicago.

Mr. Schwartz is a trusted and reliable resource for the Illinois limb loss community through his affiliations with Amputee Coalition, Chicago Area Amputees, OnThisLeg Amputee Support Group, Loyola University’s Step Up Support Group, The Betts Life Center at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab and  advocacy organizations like Greater National Advocates and Access Living.  


Was The Amputation Necessary?

It Can Depend On Who You Ask

L. Bradley Schwartz combines his highly personalized knowledge about amputations with his trusted professional resources to help clients answer the big question - “Could the amputation have been avoided?” Not every lawyer knows what to look for when an amputation results from an untreated medical condition.  Doctors rarely admit that earlier treatment for an infection, wound, or disease may have halted or reversed the progression that necessitated amputation. But delays in treatment, missed warning signs and the failure to timely administer antibiotics can result in deadly medical conditions like sepsis, necrosis, purpura and gangrene. L. Bradley Schwartz is an accomplished multiple amputee trial attorney and advocate for limb loss survivors who struggle with the reality of an otherwise preventable amputation.