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Award Winning Attorney • Malpractice Survivor • Patient Rights Leader
One of a Kind Representation
As a survivor of medical malpractice, attorney L. Bradley Schwartz has a deeper understanding of the system, and a stronger connection to his clients.
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L. Bradley Schwartz, JD
James. D. Jacobson Memorial Award Winner
for outstanding efforts in making the legal system accessible to those in need.
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Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice
For patients or loved ones who suspect medical error
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Patient Rights
Advocacy, knowledge and protection when it's needed most
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Accidents and Injuries
For survivors and victims of
accidental trauma
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For patients and families misled by a false diagnosis
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Amputation & Limb Loss
Legal resources and personal support for fellow amputees
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Sepsis Death & Dismemberment
Compassionate legal support from an attorney and survivor
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