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Automobile Collisions

Car Crashes, Trucking Liability And Bus Accidents

Experienced Transportation Lawyer On Your Side

For more than 20 years L. Bradley Schwartz represented the Chicago transportation industry in personal injury defense litigation.  Mr. Schwartz handled thousands of accident cases involving personal injuries caused by drivers of taxicabs, 18-wheelers, personal automobiles, passenger buses, limousines, semi trucks, motorcycles, tow trucks and rental vehicles. 

A respected Chicago automobile negligence attorney, Mr. Schwartz combines decades of high stakes personal injury litigation experience with a unique understanding of how it feels when life instantaneously changes forever. Attorney Schwartz lost his limbs to malpractice and dedicated his law practice to the representation of plaintiffs who suffered catastrophic life changing injuries due to negligence.


Taxi, Uber And Lyft

Ride Hailing Accidents And Lawsuits

For many years, Taxis were the only ride hailing option available for those fortunate to live in a metropolitan area. As a defense attorney for more than fifteen years, L. Bradley Schwartz represented many of the taxi companies that operate around Chicago in lawsuits and injury claims. Although Uber and Lyft have streamlined and simplified the ride hailing process, the new technology brought a variety of new safety concerns.  As a lawyer in hundreds of taxi accident lawsuits, Attorney Schwartz has seen what happens when aggressive and over-confident cab drivers cause horrific injuries. Uber and Lyft drivers, on the other hand, often rely on inconsistent GPS navigation systems that can result in driver error, driver hesitation and driver distraction. 

Shuttle Services And Medical Transport Accidents

Time At The Expense Of Passenger Safety

It’s no secret that shuttle bus and medical transportation services impose time deadlines on their drivers that can encourage speeding and risky driver behavior.  Sudden stops and fast lane changes can cause passengers to fall out of their seats.  In the medical transport context, the driver is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are safely secured – but passenger safety can sometimes be neglected when drivers are forced to beat the clock.  L. Bradley Schwartz is a trial attorney who represented medical transportation companies and shuttle services for many years.  Today, he represents severely injured clients and families in need of a lawyer who understands the transportation industry.


Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

When Motor Vehicles Become Deadly Weapons

Innocent pedestrians and bicyclists are entitled to enjoy the streets and roadways in cities across Illinois without fear of being run down by inattentive drivers. Distracted driving, however, is on the rise and many pedestrians wonder if it is safe to cross the street anymore. L. Bradley Schwartz holds reckless and distracted drivers accountable for significant injuries to pedestrians and cyclists. Mr. Schwartz has litigated hundreds of automobile accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.  Whether the accident happened in a crosswalk, in an intersection or mid-block, motor vehicle drivers are required to pay attention and be on the lookout for pedestrians - especially children and the elderly.


Public Transportation Accidents

Local And Regional Commuter Injuries

Train conductors, bus drivers and maintenance staff are all responsible for ensuring the safety of those who utilize public commuter services. Too often, however, infrastructure failures and human error result in significant personal injuries to passengers injured in transit or while entering and exiting from platforms.  When injuries occur on local CTA “L” trains or regional RTA services like Metra, PACE and AMTRAK, L. Bradley Schwartz can help protect rights and secure recovery for victims. It’s unfortunate when conscientious commuters rely on public transit options only to experience a bridge collapse, train crash or derailment at a terminal or airport.