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Medical Malpractice

Trust Your Instincts

Signs Of Medical Malpractice

Attorney L. Bradley Schwartz knows how it feels when something just doesn’t seem right in a medical facility.  Hospital doctors lied to Attorney Schwartz and created fake medical records to cover up their medical malpractice. Mr. Schwartz knows better than any attorney that it can feel like a conspiracy when a patient or loved one suspects that a doctor is hiding a medical mistake.  But there are common sense signs that should never be overlooked.  For example, has a doctor stopped taking a patient’s phone calls?  Is a physician, nurse, or other medical professional acting evasive, suspicious or guarded?  Is the patient being blamed for a bad outcome?  Why did medical staff suddenly stop being friendly and start acting formal?  These are some of the warnings that should make any patient or family member suspicious.  Attorney Schwartz takes medical cover ups very seriously. If something seems wrong, it’s definitely worth investigating. 


Communication Breakdowns

When Medical Systems Fail

Attorney Schwartz is a seasoned trial lawyer who became the victim of a total communication breakdown when hospital doctors and staff couldn’t figure out that antibiotics should have been given hours earlier. Poor communication between physicians and insufficient coordination among medical staff is a major cause of malpractice.  L. Bradley Schwartz is a medical malpractice survivor who knows from firsthand experience how a breakdown in communication between doctors and hospital staff can transform a harmless medical error into a catastrophic life changing medical event. Mr. Schwartz is determined to take on the systemic failures that can spiral out of control when medical professionals don’t communicate with each other.

Medical Mistakes Happen

What Happens Next Is Critical 

It’s no secret that doctors make mistakes. Many highly skilled and well-respected physicians perform complicated medical procedures every day with amazing results.  However, even renowned doctors at world class institutions experience fatigue, distraction and work overload that can result in unexpected medical error.   What happens next can mean the difference between complete recovery and preventable death. When a medical error occurs, physicians must reveal the error to patients, families and hospital staff so that informed decisions can be made quickly. Unfortunately, some doctors try to fix their mistakes without telling anyone. When medical professionals - whether out of shame, pride, embarrassment or fear- cannot resist the urge to hide a medical error, the results can be devastating.


When Doctors Make Excuses

The Time To Investigate

Doctors do not like to admit to malpractice.  In fact, medical professionals are often quick to blame others - including patients - for a missed or delayed diagnosis. Even worse, some unscrupulous doctors and nurses alter medical records to create fake reasons for a delay in treatment.  Having survived a bacterial meningitis misdiagnosis that resulted in sepsis and amputations, attorney L. Bradley Schwartz knows how it feels when doctors lie and make false chart entries.  He is a steadfast advocate for patient rights and physician accountability.  When patients can’t get straight answers from medical professionals, it’s time to take a good look at the chart and call an attorney like L. Bradley Schwartz who knows exactly what to look for.