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Accidents and Injuries

When It Happens To You

Get The Personal Legal Support You Need

Not every lawyer understands how alone and helpless victims and families feel during a traumatic personal injury crisis. Attorney L. Bradley Schwartz went from perfectly healthy to completely disabled after suddenly losing all of his limbs to medical negligence. As a result, Mr. Schwartz connects with catastrophic injury victims and families on many levels – providing individualized legal representation and supportive resources to victims and loved ones in times of need.

From automobile accidents to defective products and unsafe property conditions, Attorney Schwartz has more firsthand knowledge and personal experience than any other lawyer when it comes to addressing the impact of traumatic injuries on previously healthy victims and their families.

Automobile Accidents

Decades of Motor Vehicle Trial Experience

Motor vehicles are responsible for some of the most significant injuries known to medicine.  High velocity car and truck crashes can result in spinal injuries, paralysis, crush injuries, internal organ damage, limb loss, head injuries, skull fractures, broken bones and concussions. Even low velocity accidents can render pedestrians and fragile vehicle occupants paralyzed or disabled for life.  With distracted drivers and fatigued truckers filling the roadways, not a day goes by without news of a horrific motor vehicle accident that claims a life or causes catastrophic bodily injuries.  L. Bradley Schwartz is a highly experienced automobile negligence trial attorney who uses his decades of experience as a transportation industry lawyer to handle every type of car accident case. Learn more about automobile collisions.

Dangerous Property Conditions

Unknown Hazards And Poor Maintenance

Nobody ever expects a deck to collapse or a window to fall from a skyscraper.  But horrific injuries occur every day due to poor maintenance and lack of warning about hidden dangers. Property owners and businesses – including restaurants, concert venues, grocery stores, landlords, hotels, bars, clubs, theatres, sports venues, amusement parks and apartment buildings – all have a legal obligation to maintain property in a manner that is safe for the public.  Slippery floors, broken or uneven stairs, poor lighting and faulty construction can cause serious injuries to unsuspecting customers, visitors and guests.  L. Bradley Schwartz is an experienced litigator determined to obtain justice for innocent victims injured as a result of dangerous public or private property.

Defective Products

When Consumer Safety Yields To Corporate Greed

It’s common knowledge that baby strollers, cribs, toys, cars, appliances and tools malfunction all the time with devastating results.  Too often, manufacturers know about a dangerous defect but refuse to acknowledge what they know until they’re caught. When businesses and large corporations cut corners and sacrifice consumer safety in order to increase profit, the public becomes susceptible to the hidden dangers of seemingly harmless products.   L. Bradley Schwartz is an experienced trial attorney skilled at helping victims obtain justice when public safety takes a back seat to corporate profit.

Public Transportation Accidents

Local And Regional Commuter Injuries

Train conductors, bus drivers and maintenance staff are all responsible for ensuring the safety of those who utilize public commuter services. Too often, however, infrastructure failures and human error result in significant personal injuries to passengers injured in transit or while entering and exiting from platforms.  When injuries occur on local CTA “L” trains or regional RTA services like Metra, PACE and AMTRAK, L. Bradley Schwartz can help protect rights and secure recovery for victims. It’s unfortunate when conscientious commuters rely on public transit options only to experience a bridge collapse, train crash or derailment at a terminal or airport.

Police Misconduct, Brutality, High Speed Chases

Civil Rights Violations And Police Accountability

Police brutality, false arrests, wrongful convictions and unwarranted shootings all constitute violations of civil rights that are compensable in state and federal courts. Attorney L. Bradley Schwartz is an experienced civil litigation and personal injury lawyer who has made it a priority to associate with attorneys and firms who concentrate in Police Brutality, Civil Rights, High Speed Police Crashes, False Arrest and Brutality cases.   Chicago is home to some of the best and most respected civil rights lawyers in the country and Mr. Schwartz is able to connect and refer victims and families to trusted Police Misconduct lawyers and firms with particular skills and insight into the internal workings of police departments.