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Every Second Counts

Take it From Someone Who Knows

L. Bradley Schwartz barely survived a misdiagnosis that quickly turned deadly.   He entered the local emergency room with a headache and left without his limbs because hospital staff did not identify an infection until it was too late.   The ER doctors thought Mr. Schwartz was just a little fatigued but, within a few short hours, he became comatose and was placed on life support in the ICU.   Attorney Schwartz shares a personal connection with clients who were initially told that a serious medical condition was really nothing to worry about and he refuses to look the other way when missed opportunities result in catastrophic life changing injuries.

Ignoring Symptoms And Warning Signs

When Medical Protocol Is Abandoned

Most medical conditions can be treated effectively with well-established protocols that can stall the progression of disease and cure many illnesses.  Too often, however, patients are discharged from hospitals with dangerous infections like pneumonia, strep or staph that can spread throughout the body if not controlled by antibiotic therapy.  L. Bradley Schwartz understands from personal experience the tragedy that can result from inattentive medical professionals.  Busy emergency rooms and overworked medical staff can contribute to a lack of personalized attention making physicians prone to overlook important signs and symptoms. L. Bradley Schwartz has made it his personal mission to ensure that medical professionals are held accountable when they fail to act, especially when proven life-saving protocols exist.

Diagnostic Errors

When A Misdiagnosis Becomes A Missed Opportunity

Attorney L. Bradley Schwartz is no stranger to misdiagnosis. He lost all his limbs when emergency room doctors failed to realize that he had bacterial meningitis.   Mr. Schwartz was near death before the doctors figured out he needed antibiotics hours earlier.   In fast-paced emergency rooms where staff constantly rotates, lab results can be overlooked and incidental x-ray findings can result in inoperable tumors without appropriate follow up testing.  It can be a huge sigh of relief when a doctor tells a worried patient that everything looks okay.  But what if the doctor missed something?  What if a specialist isn’t called soon enough? When diagnostic errors cause harm to patients, L. Bradley Schwartz takes it very seriously.  As a victim and survivor of near-fatal diagnostic mistakes, Attorney Schwartz is determined to help secure justice for innocent victims of diagnostic neglect.